Jertech Web Services today announced the opening of ID-IT. ID-IT acts as a registration archive and medium between consumers and anybody who has need of verifying the ownership credentials of their property. They are not an insurance company. Their goal is to offer a safe, effective and affordable way to protect valuables.
ID-ITs website is and can be accessed 24 hours a day. Activating an account with ID-IT costs $9.95 and get you 15 IDcredITs and can be activated by credit card or check. ID-IT is a credit based system. Accounts can also be activated at the website listed above.
    Police departments, insurance companies and pawn shops can access the database to track lost and/or stolen merchandise and to verify its valid ownership. General Manager of ID-IT, Jeremiah Patrick, says, We will never release the full details of your registered items to anybody unless you authorize us to do so or unless served a court order requesting the information.
    For more information about ID-IT visit their website at . ID-IT can also be contacted by calling (719) 544-7001 or emailing .