1. What do we use the word “nature” to mean?

2. Where does the word nature come from?

3. What does the word natura mean?

4. What does artificial mean?

5. What are some things that nature includes?


1. What would happen if there were only animals in the world and no plants?

2. What are the three groups of creatures called?

3. What does each group do?

4. What kind of thing is a producer?

5. What kind of thing is a consumer?

6. What kind of thing is a decomposer?

7. How do plants grow and make food?

8. How do animals get their nourishment?

9. What do fungi do?

10. Why do plants animals and decomposers not take over the world?


1. What happned when people killed most of the wolves?

2. How are they fixing it now?


1. What is Ecology?

2. What is a scientist who studies the relations between living things and their environment called?

3. What is an ecosystem?

4. If animals had to move to a smaller part of a swamp, would there be enough food for all the animals?

5. Are people part of an ecosystem?



1. What things would you need to make a woodland terrarium?

2. What would you put in your container first?

3. What would com next?

4. How do you put the plants in?

5. What can you feed snails?

6. What can you feed salamanders?

7. What can you feed pill bugs (potato bugs)?

8. What should you cover your terrarium with? and where should you put it?

9. What is different aobut what you need for a desert terrarium?

10. What is different aobut the mixture of peat moss and potting soil and sand?

11. Where should you put a desert terrarium?

12. What makes the plants grow?

13. What happens when the plants grow old and die?

14. What happens when the insects that eat the plants die?

15. What happens if the insects eat too many plants?


1. Why is eshaust and smoke not healthy?

2. What does polluting something mean?

3. What are some things that cause air pollution?

4. What are emissions?

5. What is smog? What causes smog?

6. What happens when people breathe in too much smog?


1. Why is water so important?

2. Where do we get the water we need?

3 What do city engineers pass water through to make it clean?

4. Why do city engineers add things to water?

5. How does pure water become polluted?

6. How do artificial fertilizers and insect killers get in the water?


1. How can you help? (two ways)

2. What does conserving mean?

3. What are you doing to conserve natural resources?

4. What are some things that can be recycled?



1. List some animals that act in social groups. (at least three)

2. Why do humans cooperate with each other?

3. What makes it possible to cooperate with each other?

4. What kind of language do ants use?

5. Where are ant nests usually built?

6. How do ants get “honeydew” and from what?

7. Why do Atta ants carry leaves back to their nests?

8. What is one kind of fungus people often eat?

9. How deep can Atta ant caves get?

10. Is it easy for the ants to grow the fungus?

11. Name two other kinds of ants:

12. Where do we get honey?

13. What other way besides chemical scents does a bee use to provide directions to other bees?

14. How many eyes do bees have and where are they located?

15. How many eyes are in the two big eyes?

16. What do the “worker” bees do?

17. What do drones do?

18. What does the queen bee do?

19. How does a bee’s nest  make a new queen?

20. How does a bee make “royal jelly”?

21. What do beekeepers wear and where do they wear it to avoid being stung?

22. Why do bees sting people or other creatures?

23. What happens to a bee after it stings someone?