My list of links

My new site (as of 7/10/2000)
This site will slowly become outdated as I am switching to my new one. I will leave this one here, however so that you have a link to the new one.
The Gadaki Company Store
My new online store!!! Stop in and take a look!
My main business site
Come take a look!
Family History Preparation
Do you need help getting your genealogy prepared for the temple? Click here.
Earn money while online!
Up to $50/month plus overrides and this seems much less intrusive than most earn money while you browse setups.
My Resumes and also information/links about telecommuting and other employment.
Missing Children/Parental Abduction
A page with information about missing children. Mainly about parental abduction.
Questions about your relationship?
This is a friend's site. He has a quiz on this page to determine what, if any, amount of abuse may be in your relationship.
LDS Homepage
A homepage with information and links about the church I belong to.
Job Search Links on the Net
This is a site I am working on. If you have any links you would like to see added, please email me. It is still under construction but will hopefully be up and running soon. Part of it already is.

Teresa Marie Howells

Washington State,

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Hi, My name is Teresa Marie Howells.

I love to learn different languages. I have taken a few years of Spanish, 1 year of Japanese, American Sign Language, and long ago a year of German. I have also dabbled in several other languages. I enjoy making webpages and doing research on the internet. I also enjoy reading, gardening, spending time with my children and many other activities. When I have the time I also enjoy drawing and painting (although, I'm not great at it!). I have three children and am starting an internet store which you can find linked from this page.

I also enjoy doing genealogy and getting to know people. One day I hope to be able to create a family history book for my family. I have been a den leader for cub scouts and have homeschooled in the past as well as currently working in the local school district. I am also taking classes to get into tech support.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and enjoy being involved with my local church group and also run a divorce email list for others who are LDS and have been divorced or are in the midst of divorce.

For those who are looking for information about missing children I retrieved my children from their father and his wife who were in Texas at that time and were refusing to return them. I was assisted by American Airlines and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. More about missing children and parental abduction can be found here. I have added a page with links and information about child support and agencies who can help with that since he has not paid his child support in over a year and I have been learning about laws and places that help in regard to parents who don't pay. It also contains other information pertaining to divorce. Currently, I only have information about Washington and Oklahoma on it but if you have other information/links you would like to see added, please email me.

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