Favorite LDS links on the net

The official site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The main website for the church I belong to.
Latter-day Saints' Internet Resources
One of my favorite websites for information about my church.
Where you can sign up to be on several email lists. There is the Parents list, Peace list (for depression), Alpha list (for clean jokes), Spirit list (for uplifting stories and quotes)
LDS Friends Worldwide
A place to find Lds penpals of all ages.
Home of the ICQ - LDS chat room
LDS Parents
Includes chat and discussion about many topics.
Information and schedules for many LDS Temples.
Gospel Doctrine Lesson Links
Infobase Library Copyright 1998 Infobase, Inc.
The Official Site of #Mormon (EFNET)
Information about the people and channel I visit on IRC
An LDS-Divorce Mailing List Home Page
Or email lds-divorce-support-subscribe@eGroups.com to subscribe.
Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Information about abuse and how to tell if you are part of an abusive relationship or know someone who is.
A website with search engines for genealogy information.
Cyndi's List
One of the best genealogy resources I have found on the internet.
Family Tree Maker
Another site with Genealogy searches available.
My Homepage
Has another link on it if you need your genealogy put into the computer.
LDS Remarried
Sign up on an email list for remarried LDS couples or for those in stepfamily situations.
House of Malone
A friend's website with info about tartans and other things.

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Activities for children for general conference

Bingo card #1
This is a game called Conference Bingo. The object is to have a bag of some sort of treat like m&m's or such and then the children listen to conference. If any of the words on the bingo card are used
Bingo card #2
the child can put an m&m on that space. When a child get "BINGO" they can eat the m&m's on the card and then repeat the process. Enjoy!
Bingo Card #3
Bingo Card #4

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and what it teaches is an important part of my life. I have created a channel on IRC's dalnet server called #mormonchat. It is open to people of all faiths however. Just a place where people can have good clean chat. The two rules are: Be Polite, and Keep it Clean. Feel free to drop on by. Hugs, Teresa Marie

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