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Sample Quotes:

   God gives the best to those who leave the choice to him.

   May you have just enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset.

   God never shuts one door without opening another.

   Life is like riding a bicycle. You won't fall off unless you stop pedaling.

   When nobody around you seems to measure up, it's time to check your yardstick.

   Timing is important in sharing feelings.

   Man is a special being and if left to himself in an isolated condition would be one of the weakest creatures; but associated with his kind, he works wonders.

   Goals are when your dreams put on work clothes.

   If parents are to be unified when disciplining children, they must spend time together discussing ideas and planning approaches.

Lifting--by Donna H. Erickson
Small legs running,
Soft arms reaching,
"Kiss, kiss you?"
I reach and lift her close.
Lift, but who lifts whom?

   Wear a smile--One size fits all.

   Parents have a duty to govern their children but they must remember that the object of all good government is to prepare the subject for self government.

   Impressive indeed, this shelf of books, on which all the earth-critics dote. But oh, my son, how I wish that you had read the book I wrote.

   The trouble with experience as a teacher is that it gives the test first and the lesson afterwards.

   Education is what you get from reading the small print. Experience is what you get from not reading it.

   Old people know more about being young than young people know about being old.

   Remember o your walk through life that the grass made greener on the other side of the fence is caused by "pasture pies".

   What we learn after we know it all is what counts.

   Tell the truth and you won't have so much to remember.